Top 10 Bright Ideas for Commercial Space Lighting

Lightning plays an important role in setting the ambiance of the workspace. Its principal function is to promote work but lighting also affects employee’s mental well-being, interest, and enthusiasm. So, a good lighting architectural plan in commercial space elevates productivity, brand image, safety, and regularity and attracts clients often. So, while selecting the commercial lighting plan you must consider a few points like light life, maintenance cost, system efficiency, flexibility, color, experienced supplier, and the cost of it. But all these considerations should be personalized according to your commercial space requirements and goals. You must select an expert commercial lighting supplier for a successful lighting architecture solution. The market has many leading commercial lighting suppliers in India. 

Different types of Commercial lights

Before going into the factors while selecting commercial lights, you must know different types of commercial lighting. There are majorly 5 types of commercial lighting that serve a specific purpose. With the knowledge of lighting, you can customize your commercial space according to your requirements.

  1. Ambient light: It is the base light for your commercial space with little brightness and dimness. Lights like ceiling-mounted fixtures are perfect for ambient light.
  2. Task light: This light focuses on your work like any office work, meeting desk, showcase products, and display boards. Cabinet light or adjustable light comes under this category.
  3. Emphasis light: It highlights the features of your commercial space, any painting, architecture, or the product for sale.
  4. Decorative lights: It is all about making your brand stylist and classic.  These lights are not for illumination but for the brand personality. Chandelier comes under this category.
  5. Emergency Lights: This light helps you when there is a power cut. Exit, emergency, or backup lights belong to this category. These lights are for safety and find their way into the commercial space.  

Top 10 key factors to be prioritized in selecting commercial space lighting

Lighting the commercial space is both art and science. It enhances the beauty and promotes functionality of the space. Here are the guidelines for selecting the lights for your commercial space.  

  1. Understand the requirements of commercial space: First, determine the purpose of the commercial space. It can be an office, retail, departmental store, showroom, store room, warehouse, restaurant, or hotel. Each commercial space requires a different type of lighting. You should always count foot-candle (number of illuminances on a square foot space) as every commercial space needs to be different . For example, a retail showroom needs 50, a factory requires 30-100, and a store room needs 10-30.
  2. Light Temperature: Lighting or bulb comes in a wide range of temperatures. Consistent temperature is the key principle of creating an ambiance in commercial space. Every light falls under a color temperature category- based on the color of the light discharged. White light comes in 3 general categories: cool, neutral, and warm. All are measured in Kalvin(k) units. Cooler light above 3500 K is more appropriate for work areas like offices, and retail stores. Neutral light lies between (3000 – 3500K) while warmer light is below 3000K and is appropriate for restaurants and lounges to provide comfort.  
  3. Light Color Rendering Index: The light CRI scale ranges from 0 to 100 and shows how well a light source provides light as compared to natural light. A light with higher CRI shows a better and more natural color, which is required in retail space.
  4. Energy-saving lights: Always select a light with a long life and low maintenance cost. You should go for LEDs to save money and energy.
  5. Customized lighting solution: Select a light that you can customize according to your day. Features like brightness, color, switch on-off through movement, and many others. The system must have an occupancy sensor, daylight controller, and automatic dimming.
  6. Safety and regulation of light: Lighting should meet certain safety measures for the people’s well-being. Commercial space should have some emergency lights in case of any power cut down. Lights should be that minimum to avoid any accidents in commercial areas. Lights should not do any flickering or blinking and do not cause any health issues by emitting UV rays.
  7. Maintenance and durability: You should always select a light with a long life and require less service, to manage disturbance and cost.  LEDs have all these qualities. LEDs also have flexible attachment points which are easy to clean, not vulnerable to tear, and remain functional for a long time.
  8. Budget-friendly: Budget is also an important factor when selecting lights. You should consider the light fixture price, installation price, upkeep cost, and low electric bill. You must calculate and balance the starting installation and long-term investments.  LEDs are the best fit for this, they are costly in starting but in the long run, it is the best choice.  
  9. Lighting Design: Lights play a major role in creating ambiance but you must select the proper design to create that atmosphere and functionality. The design should evenly distribute the light to less shadow formation and glare. Proper design will illuminate the commercial space fully and enhance beauty and support work within that area.
  10. Commercial lighting supplier: Choosing a good commercial lighting supplier is important when selecting commercial lights. There are many commercial lighting suppliers in India but you should choose the one that provides good services as below:
  • Premium quality lighting: Supplier with high-quality lighting that fulfills all industry standards and expectations. Long lifespan, low maintenance, and many functionalities come with quality products.
  • Wide range of products: A good supplier always keeps a variety of lighting suitable for all types of commercial space and budget.
  • Delivery on time: Delivery and installation of lighting on time, is the key identification of a genuine supplier. A reputed supplier is always concerned about your business.
  • Assist in Designing: Experienced suppliers always guide you in selecting the design and layout. Even do customization according to your requirements. These experts ensure that lighting will enhance the beauty and productivity of your business.
  • Installation and service: Professional suppliers guide you in the installation and even handle all your queries patiently. Even supports you after the sales process which develops a strong bond.
  • Post-sales coverage: A genuine supplier always provides warranty coverage. If you face any product defect or malfunction, they assist until your satisfaction.
  • Customer reviews: Most importantly always select a supplier with good customer reviews, track records, and positive customer feedback. These reviews will reduce your risk and increase the success of the lighting system.

Latest Technologies in Commercial Lighting

Before investing in commercial lighting, it is better to get the knowledge of the latest trends in lighting:

Humanistic and smart approach: Technology is more toward natural lights and customized settings. This helps to enhance employee mood and productivity. You can also control all your commercial lighting through a software application according to your needs. This technology also has sensors and an automatic approach.

Environmentally friendly and IoT integration: Your commercial lighting manufacturer focuses on the increase in environmentally friendly materials and decreases in carbon footprint. IoT allows lighting to be controlled and monitored remotely. 


Selecting the right lighting for commercial space is not just about illuminating the region but also about promoting your brand, enhancing employee productivity, and maintaining the working ambiance, stability, and safety. So, while investing in lighting you should prioritize some factors. The important factor to consider is the selection of a genuine supplier, who will guide you throughout the process, lighting selection, installation, and service.  You can find Caterlux the fastest-growing commercial lighting supplier in India.


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