Brighten Ideas For Commercial Lighting Workspaces

Brighten Ideas For Commercial Lighting Workspaces

In any workspace, employees are the heart and soul of a thriving business. Their happiness and commitment are key to the overall success and growth of the company. One fundamental factor that can significantly impact employee satisfaction and productivity is the quality of lighting in the commercial space.

Commercial lighting isn’t just about brightening up the place; it holds the power to shape the entire work experience. The right lighting can create an atmosphere of focus and creativity, while the wrong lighting can lead to fatigue and distractions.

Read this article to learn how you can transform your commercial workspace into a brighter and more inspiring place for your employees.

How Does Right Commercial Workspace Lighting Impact Productivity?

The impact of appropriate commercial workspace lighting on productivity is nothing short of profound. Right commercial workspace lighting influences employees’ work experience in the following ways:

1. Less Eye Strain

One of the primary benefits of implementing proper commercial workspace lighting is reducing eye strain. Eye strain can occur when employees work in poorly lit environments. This may strain their eyes to read documents or focus on any workspace tasks. 

However, the brightness is sufficient yet non-glaring with properly designed lighting, such as desk lamps. As a result, employees experience less eye fatigue and discomfort. The reduction in eye strain allows employees to work comfortably for extended periods.

2. Boosted Productivity

Bright and well-lit spaces give employees the visual clarity to perform their tasks efficiently. When employees can see clearly and without difficulty, they are less likely to make errors or face challenges related to visibility. 

With fewer obstacles hindering their work, employees can focus better on the task at hand, improving productivity. Moreover, studies have shown that well-lit work environments can increase work speed and accuracy, further boosting overall productivity.

3. Lower Stress Levels due to Proper Circadian Rhythm

The circadian rhythm is the internal biological clock that governs your sleep-wake cycle. It influences various physiological and psychological processes. Exposure to natural light during the day, especially morning light, helps synchronize the circadian rhythm, promoting alertness and vitality during working hours.

 In fact, research has also found that natural light in workspaces improves wellness among workers. In contrast, when the lighting is inadequate or unnatural, it can disrupt the circadian rhythm, leading to sleep disturbances and higher stress levels. 

4. Enhanced Creativity

Lighting can influence the ambiance of a space. Different lighting options can evoke different emotional responses and cognitive states. 

Soft and warm lighting, for instance, can create a relaxing and imaginative atmosphere conducive to creative thinking and brainstorming. On the other hand, bright and cool lighting can have a positive impact on your overall mood. 

What are the Things to Consider When Choosing Commercial Workspace Lighting?

Several crucial factors should be considered when choosing commercial workspace lighting to have an optimal lighting solution. So, keep the following things in mind:

1. Workplace Layout and Design

Try to understand the layout and design of your commercial workspace. You can consider factors such as ceiling height and the arrangement of workstations. This knowledge will help clarify the type and placement of lighting fixtures needed to create a well-lit office space.

For example, if your office has high-ceilinged spaces, pendant lights can add a touch of elegance and provide adequate illumination.

2. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Energy efficiency and sustainability are critical considerations in every lighting decision. It would be best to opt for energy-efficient lighting solutions like LED bulbs. They consume less electricity and even have a longer lifespan than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Additionally, LEDs emit less heat, contributing to a cooler and more comfortable work environment.

3. Flexibility and Adaptability

A modern workspace should be flexible for employee preferences. Therefore, choosing lighting fixtures that offer flexibility and adaptability would be most appropriate. For example, you can provide Dimmable lights on employee desks. This way, they can adjust the intensity of the light to suit their tasks and moods.

You can also invest in smart lighting systems that can be controlled through apps or voice commands. These systems can facilitate automation, such as setting schedules for lighting adjustments based on work hours or natural lighting conditions. They are also highly energy efficient and can save up to 90% on energy costs.

4. Maintenance and Longevity

Maintenance of your workspace lighting would also impact the whole work environment. Hence, you must choose lights with a longer life span. High-quality lighting solutions might have a slightly higher upfront cost but can prove to be cost-effective in the long run.

For example, traditional fluorescent bulbs have a shorter lifespan than LEDs, which can last up to 25 times longer. This means fewer replacements and reduced maintenance costs over time.

Top 7 Ideas for Commercial Workspace Lighting

Use the following innovative ideas to give a new look to your commercial workspace:

1. Biophilic Design Elements

Most people spend more than 90% of their time indoors. Chances are you and your employees can also miss out on the benefits of natural light due to indoor working spaces. This is where the approach of Biophilic design can help you. It is a concept that combines the elements of nature into the built environment. 

In workspaces, Biophilic lighting can mimic natural lighting patterns by adjusting the intensity and distribution of light. These changes would imitate the natural changes in light throughout the day. This control of light will help maintain the 24-hour biological cycle known as the circadian rhythm.

2. Desk Lighting

The desk is the heart of any office, where employees spend a significant portion of their time. This is why proper desk lighting is essential for a smoother working process. You can get soft LED lights or hanging lights around the desk area from the ceiling. 

These lights provide a balanced and comfortable illumination, setting the right mood for efficient work. As stated earlier, adding an adjustable LED desk lamp will also make your employees very happy. They are ideal for those late-night work sessions or tasks that require extra attention to detail.

3. Layered Lighting

Layered lighting is an effective technique that involves combining different types of lighting. It helps to create depth and functionality in workspaces. These lights help to avoid harsh shadows and provide adequate brightness for various tasks.

For example, a combination of ambient lighting. It could be achieved by overhead fixtures and task lighting, such as desk lamps. It can offer a well-balanced lighting scheme. 

4. Decorative Lighting for Reception

The reception area is the first point of contact for visitors and potential clients. As the saying goes, first impressions are the last impressions. Thus, the reception area’s lighting should reflect the company’s values and brand identity. 

The right decorative lamps or hanging lights can create a welcoming aura in your reception. Alternatively, recessed lighting can provide minimalist lighting without taking up physical space if you want minimalist designs. This clean and inconspicuous lighting option will also ensure a professional look for your reception area.

5. Colorful Lighting Combinations

Different colors have the power to evoke various emotions and feelings. In a commercial workspace, the thoughtful use of colored lighting can significantly enhance the work environment. Color-changing LEDs can be an excellent investment in this case. 

They offer programmable settings that allow smooth color transitions. One of the best use cases could be installing colored lights in relaxation zones. Calming blue or green lighting can provide a sense of tranquility during breaks, contributing to employee satisfaction.

6. Task-Specific Lighting Zones

Task-specific lighting zones have become a popular trend in modern office design and for a good reason. The key advantage of task-specific lighting is its ability to enhance productivity and comfort. 

In a commercial workspace, employees engage in various tasks throughout the day, each requiring different lighting conditions. If the employees had a specific task light, the work would feel much simpler to them.

For example, a quiet reading corner can feature adjustable floor lamps or desk lamps with focused beams. It will provide the finest lighting for reading or reviewing documents.

7. Spotlights for Achievements

Displaying company achievements and awards is a trending part of office decor. To make these accomplishments stand out, spotlights can be a perfect choice. Spotlights can also add a sense of pride and recognition to the office ambiance.

Make Your Employees Happy With New Workspace Lighting

Upgrading your commercial workspace lighting can be your helping hand in making your employees happier and more productive. With the right lighting, you can reduce eye strain and discomfort, facilitating a comfortable work environment for your employees. Moreover, adequate lighting ensures clarity and visibility, allowing your team to work efficiently and with fewer errors, ultimately boosting productivity.
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