10 Top LED Light Brands In India: The Shining Stars

The LED lighting Market has been growing in the last few years. Currently, it shares nearly 75% of the Indian market. It’s all due to its numerous advantages over traditional lighting technologies. Still, there are many opportunities for growth in the coming years. The Indian government also promotes the use of LED lights, as an energy saver and for a better environment. Today, you will find LED lighting everywhere at home, offices, streets, hotels, and restaurants. As more and more people become aware of its benefits, the market grows. This expansion of the LED market provides many options to select for consumers.

Increasing demand for LED Lighting and a few reasons

As people are adopting more LED lights, demands are also steeply rising.  It uses 60% less energy than traditional technologies and has three times more life span. They are also environmentally friendly- emitting less carbon dioxide and avoiding the use of harmful chemical mercury. LED have a wide range of prices, colors, and designs. On top of this, people nowadays demand smart lights- that can be connected to smartphones through Apps. So, more and more people are embracing it for their residential and commercial sector. And now become the first choice of customers in the lighting section. Let’s stop searching LED light manufacturers near me and explore the list of top 10 brands. 

10 Top LED Lighting Brands in India

The LED Lighting Market in India is divided into many small and large manufacturers. Everyone is competing with each other on their design, technology, and price. Some of the leading LED Light Manufacturers in India are:  

Havells India Ltd

It is a well-known electronic equipment company, started in 2003 and located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Havells has a wide range of products in various categories from electronic goods to lighting solutions to cables and wires. The majority of its lighting products are manufactured in its factories. Energy saving and being environmentally friendly is the main focus of its products. Havells is committed to its latest energy-saving technology, product quality, and customer satisfaction. Havells has a huge distribution network across India, is the best Led Light Supplier In India, and has commendable customer service.

Syska LED

It is just a couple of decade-old companies, started in 1989, located in Bangalore, Karnataka. In a very short period, it has become an outstanding and remarkable company in lighting.   Syska has specialized in LED lighting, for residential, commercial, outdoor, and indoor. It has many varieties of products from LED bulbs, tube lights, panel lights, spotlights, and street lights, to many decorative lights. It always focuses on energy saving, product quality, sustainability, and reliability. Syska is well known for its beautiful designs, product warranty, post-sales services, and customer satisfaction.  


Caterlux is the fastest-growing company in India having more than 16 years of experience. With a vision of being Made in India and sharing with the world, is one of the leading Architectural Lighting Manufacturer companies. From manufacturing electronic goods to lighting up residentials and commercials, Caterlux is leading the way. Caterlux products are fused with the latest technology and modern designs. It has a wide range of products including Concealed Lights, Deep Junction Lights, Strip Lights, Panel Lights, Surface Lights, Aluminium Profiles, Downlights, Spot Lights, Rope Lights, Track Lights, LED Floodlights, PIR Sensors, and Strip Drivers. Whether residential, commercial, indoor, or outdoor all the options are available. It is committed to offering products, at affordable prices. Customers’ guidance from pre-sales to post-sale and their satisfaction is the foremost priority.


Wipro is the leading supplier of LED lighting.  It led the way for innovation in LED lighting companies, offering a wide range of products for residential and commercial spaces. Wipro’s main focus is to provide energy efficiency products. Their products include many variations in indoor and outdoor lighting. Wipro also provides lighting design services, to help customers to get customized and energy-optimized LED lighting.  It has integrated smart lighting technology, for proper monitoring and control.


Eveready has a lengthy history and established itself as a trusted brand. It is a well-known Indian brand, primarily, in manufacturing and distributing batteries, lighting products, and flashlights.  It has a wide range of batteries and lighting solutions. Manufacture various electrical appliances, lighting products, and various personal-care products. Being an Indian brand, it has a strong presence in urban and rural areas. Its lights are environmentally friendly and sustainable products.


Bajaj Electronic is a well-established brand in India. Bajaj Electronics produces a wide range of products including fans and lights- indoor, outdoor, residential, and commercial. It is also known for its product quality, and innovation in lighting technology. It has a strong presence in the Indian market (rural and urban) and enjoys customer trust because of less energy consumption and electric bills. As one of the oldest brands, it has a great network of distribution, dealers, and retailers. Brands place a strong emphasis on post-sale customer service places to make customers satisfied. Surya Surya Roshni Limited is an Indian brand, specializing in Lighting products. Since 1973, it has become the leading brand of lighting, with various lighting options. Surya includes various options in residential, commercial, indoor, and outdoor. The focus of Surya is energy efficiency, durability, and longevity. It understands the importance of energy saving and managing electricity bills. Surya is committed to customers to provide the best quality and latest technology in lighting. 


Crompton is another well-established brand in lighting in India. Crompton has a legacy of more than 90 years. This brand is famous for its high-quality products and energy savings. The company has a variety of LED lights from residential bulbs to street lights. Crompton lights have less light energy and are eco-friendly. A huge range of lights are available that can be customized according to the customers. Even, can be controlled by the applications, based on customers’ moods or house themes.


Halonix is emerging as a tough competition for the other brands in the lighting industry.  Since 1991, Halonix has been famous for its innovative technology, product quality, and customized lighting.  For every sector- residential, commercial, industry, or outdoor Halonix provides a variety of lighting. Energy saving, reliability, durability, and product quality are the main pillars of the brand’s products. It also focuses on the post-sale customer services. Halonix products are the perfect combination of the latest technology and customized designs.

Philips Electronics India Ltd

 It is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in India.  Though it is a Netherlands brand, it started in India in 1930.  For decades, it has satisfied Indian customers and holds the maximum pie in the lighting sector. It produces energy-efficient LED lights for homes, businesses, and the public sector. Apart from LED lighting, Philips makes many other home electronic appliances and health equipment. It is famous for its quality, innovation, and latest technologies in the Indian residential and commercial areas.


After exploring all the Best LED light Brands In India, you can make out that the world of light has diverse and dynamic products. The main drives of these LED lighting markets are urbanization, environment protection awareness, energy efficiency, and even government initiation, which are helping to grow the LED market. Each brand has its unique combination of technology, design, and environmental commitment. Whether you want to glow in the cozy corner of your house, or office, these brands have everything for you.
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